Client Engagements

A Track Record of Success

While the nature of our work often requires confidentiality, some high-profile actions in which we have been involved have found themselves in the media and the public eye.  While there are too many actions to list here, summaries of a representative sample can be found below, based only on publicly-available information. 



We represented the City of Farmington Hills Employee Retirement Fund in its action against Wells Fargo bank.  The bank had been investing the City's cash in inappropriate vehicles, subjecting the pension fund (and city employees' retirement) to increased risk.  We were able to recover $62.5MM in a substantial victory for the City.  Read more


schleicher vs wendt

In this class action lawsuit, the Wagner Firm represented investors who had been defrauded by the then-management team of Conseco, Inc. when that company was producing falsified and fraudulent financial statements and misrepresenting their liabilities.  We were able to recover $41MM for investors in this groundbreaking case, which has since been written up in several law journals.  Read More


AFA Financial Group

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, AFA Financial Group was hit with a number of lawsuits based on its activities as a broker-dealer.  Their insurer tried to walk away at this crucial moment for the company, so AFA called the Wagner Firm.  We were able to successfully compel the insurance company to meet their obligations and resolve over $20MM in claims.  Read More