Commercial Law:
Comprehensive Coverage

The Wagner Firm has successfully represented clients in virtually all fields of commercial law.  We have specialties in financial-related issues, especially shareholder or investment-related disputes, and also in insurance law.  The Wagner Firm was founded with the philosophy that deep expertise and relationships in the field of insurance law provides clients with a major competitive advantage in other commercial actions, as many companies are insured against potential damages and their insurer(s) often have a major role in determining whether, when, and for how much a case might settle.  We have also been successful in drawing upon this same expertise when clients are dealing with insurance-specific actions such as insurance coverage issues or insurance bad faith.

All engagements are led personally by Avi Wagner; as such, we only take on a small number of clients and only those where we can offer a significant benefit to our clients.  Please contact us for a private and no-cost consultation for more information.


Investment / Shareholder Rights Law

We are experienced in actions relating to securities fraud, including securities fraud class action lawsuits and shareholder derivative actions, as well as claims under investment law generally.  We have a successful track record representing private equity funds, foreign and domestic pension funds as well as individuals.  This diversity of experience allows us to clearly see a case from the perspective of all parties involved, which provides a significant advantage to our clients.  

We also have a deep background and track record of success arguing cases before FINRA Arbitration or Mediation panels.  (FINRA is the regulatory body for securities and business disputes between and among investors, brokerage firms and individual brokers).


Insurance Law

Avi Wagner is a recognized expert in insurance coverage law and insurance bad faith, and has a track record of over 15 years' success representing clients in actions touching on virtually every aspect of insurance law.  We have successfully represented clients facing disputes under D&O, E&O, Fidelity, CGL, Fiduciary, Mutual Marine and Property and Casualty Law, as well as in dealing with regulatory matters.  We also have expertise in coverage disputes, related third-party claims, rescission, interpleader and subrogation issues, and represent both plaintiffs/claimants and defendants.


Commercial Law

The Wagner Firm provides comprehensive coverage of commercial law and has successfully represented clients in diverse areas including property disputes, real estate, copyright actions, contracts and breach of contracts, and so on.  We also serve selected clients on a retainer basis and are experienced at jumping into legal or advisory situations which may arise at a moment's notice.  Because all engagements are led by Avi Wagner personally, there is never any time wasted getting new lawyers "up to speed" and you never risk losing valuable institutional knowledge.  This allows us to work much more efficiently and create positive results for our clients.  Contact us for more information.