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Investment, Insurance, and Commercial Law

The Wagner Firm specializes in investment law and in insurance law. We bring a unique advantage to clients by combining our expertise in these areas, as well as in related commercial and civil actions.

The Wagner Firm specializes in two areas – commercial law (especially financial claims, with a deep background in investment disputes and shareholder rights claims) and insurance law.  The Firm was founded to provide clients with a unique competitive advantage by combining these specialties under one roof.




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The Wagner Firm - Our Advantage

Most sizeable companies have insurance policies and when there is a potential claim against a company, its insurer(s) will often have an important seat at the table.  The interests of the insurance company or companies will often have a major influence over whether, when, and for how much money a case settles – even if the underlying case is not about insurance.  This is a trend that has intensified significantly in recent years, and has made settling some claims more complex because insurance law itself is often very intricate, and it is for example often a matter of legal dispute whether and to what extent a given insurance policy would apply to specific claims in an actions.

The Wagner Firm’s deep background, expertise, and relationships in the field of insurance law provide its clients with a major advantage in understanding and negotiating with insurers who may be involved.  Few other firms have a deep background in both commercial and insurance law, and those that do often treat them as distinct silos which do not work together for the client’s benefit.

How We Work

The Wagner Firm represents both plaintiffs/claimants and defendants, including individuals, private equity funds, insurers, and pension funds.  We routinely represent clients in litigation and mediation, as well as in the arbitration process with FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

All engagements are led by founder Avi Wagner personally.  As such, we only work on a small number of cases at a time, and only where we feel we can bring a strong competitive advantage to our client. By remaining efficient and focused, we avoid challenges that face some bigger law firms, where new attorneys can be shuffled in and out your case and need to get up to speed on relevant law and details of your situation (on your dime) or where crucial team members or expertise may be pulled onto other projects, to your disadvantage.  The Wagner Firm employs specific experts and other attorneys but every engagement is always led by Avi Wagner himself.

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Areas of Practice


The Wagner Firm is recognized for its specialties in securities law, investment law, and shareholder rights.  We have successfully represented both individual and institutional investors and have particular expertise in shareholder class action lawsuits and shareholder derivative litigation.  Our Managing Principal, Avi Wagner, also has a very successful track record in arguing investment-related matters before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).  Learn More


Our deep expertise and relationships in insurance law has given clients of the Wagner Firm a large competitive advantage, since so many commercial lawsuits are potentially covered through insurance, so insurers often have a powerful seat that the table.  We also put our insurance know-how at the disposal of clients who are dealing with issues such insurance coverage or insurance bad faith actions.  We work with both plaintiffs and defendants.  Learn More


The Wagner Firm provides comprehensive coverage of most areas of commercial law, including recent actions dealing with contracts, property, real estate, and copyright.  We represent individuals and organizations, and only take cases where the Wagner Firm can provide a meaningful advantage in your situation.  All engagements are led by Avi Wagner personally, so there is no lost time and money "getting up to speed" or lost institutional memory.  Learn More


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